Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before booking our services
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Non-surgical procedure designed to dissolve stubborn fat, rid you of cellulite, tighten skin, and/or contour different areas of the body.
Yes, once the fat cells burst, they are excreted by your body naturally over the course of a few months. The results are permanent as long as your weight is maintained.
All of our treatments are non-surgical. They require no downtime & clients can resume their normal day-to-day activities. Although there might be slight discomfort, it is not painful.
Although 6-12 sessions are typically the most common, everyone will require a different amount depending on desired results. Please schedule a free consultation for an accurate amount.
Every 72 hours, but shouldn't be spread more than.
Temporary redness or aching at the treatment site, bruising, skin sensitivity, tugging sensation.
Any area struggling with stubborn fat. Our machine has applicators, each of which is designed to tackle a particular area.
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